Third Party Online Casino Auditing for Fair Play

Gambling is a game of chance, at the very least. You are always at the mercy of good house habits and your experience when trying your hand in a game. While all casinos uphold fairness, some will not be consistent at it. This exposes you to more risks. For you and other players to be safe, online gambling platforms must be audited for fair play and certified for the same. This happens through a rigorous third party online casino auditing process.

What is Fair Play?


Fair play is loosely described as the absolute respect and adherence to the game rules or awarding each concerned party equal treatment.

Fairness is an integral part of internet casinos. As gambling sites gained traction, industry players formed internet casino market watchdogs to audit and test sites for fair play to prevent scandal. Independent casino auditing firms emerged soon after. Some of these agencies publish audit reports on online casinos every month. These firms also keep watch on the industry. Sites pay these firms to audit their operations for fairness.

Casino sites use random number generator systems commonly known as RNGs. The RNGs are provided by third party firms to guarantee fairness. These systems ensure each number is generated by chance, following the same rules across the board.

Third Party Online Casino Auditing Firms

Sites reach out to independent casino auditing firms for fairness tests. These firms include eCOGRA, TST, and iTech Labs. They ensure sites provide accurate house edge in their payout percentage. This figure informs you of your potential winning on any particular bet. It cuts across all types of jackpots, bonuses, and games.

eCOGRA reviews Return to Player (RTP) and Random Number Generator (RNG). The firm offers a tailored output-based RTP and RNG data monitoring.

If you wish to take part in the international internet casino, you have to find out which third party casino auditing firm is in charge of the mandatory external auditing of your preferred site. You have to stay away from casinos that are not checked for fairness by external audit firms with a good reputation.

Typically, the monthly audit reports are published at the site, alongside transaction and game history, for every player to read. The reports include; historical information includes a bet, the start of games, amount won, and in-depth game results.

Steps in Slot Game or Casino Testing


A rigorous testing process starts in the design stage or game development stage. The game goes through a thorough alpha testing process, which involves a lot of slot spins simulation. In most cases, these simulations run to millions.

This process is followed by the collection and an extensive data analysis to project each slot's payout rate. An external audit is the final step of the process and is done once the internal test is complete.

Internet gaming is a big industry. It is increasingly becoming complex with technological advancement. As a player, you can rely on external audit reports to verify an internet casino's credibility and fairness before signing up with them. Always go for sites with reputable external casino auditing agencies.