The Pros and Cons of Playing at InstaDebit Casinos


A few years ago, only a handful of payment processors and financial institutions supported online casino payments. While this might still be true to an extent, today, online gamers are spoiled for choice regarding casino deposit and withdrawal methods. InstaDebit casinos are becoming increasingly popular, making this a payment option worth considering.

What is InstaDebit and How Does it Work?

InstaDebit is a Canadian online payment system that acts as a link between your bank and an online merchant. This is not an e-wallet, but rather more like an online check.

You can sign up for an InstaDebit online account for free. All you need is your email and bank details. Once set up, you can deposit and withdraw funds at InstaDebit casinos.

Why You Should Use InstaDebit for Online Casinos

While setting up an InstaDebit card takes only a few minutes, do you need yet another online account to manage? Here are a few good reasons why you would want to take this route.

Easy and Simple Payments


InstaDebit is very easy to use for online payments. The process typically involves verifying payments at checkout, or in the case of online gambling houses, approving the payment.

Secure Transactions

You cannot take your online security too seriously. This payment option is safe and secure for online payments. Aside from the usual identity verification and authentication, InstaDebit also uses 128-bit encryption to guarantee secure transmission.

Enhanced Privacy

You don't have to share your bank details with the merchant, including the casino. InstaDebit will be crediting the amount on your behalf so the gaming company won't see, let alone store your financial information.

Also, not everyone needs to know your choice of entertainment. InstaDebit casino transactions on your bank statements do not appear as gaming charges. Instead, these show up as or 1-877-88DEBIT.

Alternative to Credit/Debit Card Payments

It might be the case that your favorite gambling website does not support your credit or debit card. You can bypass this problem by using InstaDebit as the go-between from your bank and the gaming account.

Lastly, casino deposits made with this processor are also instantaneous. You don't have to wait around for money to be credited to your gaming account.

Limitations of InstaDebit Casino Payments

There is no such thing as a perfect system, and there are some flaws to this payment option.

Slow Withdrawals

Withdrawing your winnings typically takes longer than depositing funds regardless of your payment method. Still, InstaDebit takes 3-5 days to send funds to your bank account. This time doesn't account for the time it takes for your casino to process payments in the first place.

Limited Access

While many banks and casinos accept this as a transaction method, InstaDebit is only available in Canada. You can still access this service as long as you have an active Canadian bank account regardless of where in the world you are. Unfortunately, most gamers around the world do not have access to InstaDebit casinos.


Minimal Integration

Lastly, this transaction method only links with one bank account at a time. E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill will let you link all your credit cards and bank accounts. Additionally, InstaDebit only supports CAD and USD currencies.

InstaDebit may not be the most robust payment processor out there, but it is still a solid choice for Canadian gamblers. If you are looking for a private, secure, and quick payment method, this is the way to go. Additionally, InstaDebit can help you get around your bank or credit card issuer if they do not support casino payments.