Why settle for Slots RTP and Volatility?

If you're a fan of the world of casinos, there's a 99% chance you are familiar with the terms Slots RTP and Volatility. In terms of getting the best slots, the outcome is totally dependent on your luck, winning in this case. Call it waking up on the right side of the bed if you may. Regardless of the luck, RTP and Volatility of slot machines are two crucial metrics whose concepts should be comprehended at all costs.

What is RTP?


RTP stands for return to player. According to who's accessing RTP, it could have two meanings.

  • To the player; It's an actual mathematical measure of the amount of money any given slot machine should give back to you eventually after the bet.
  • Provider; while regarding the name, it's a tool used by providers when creating games from scratch and is often represented as a percentage. Essentially, it helps them count the amount of house edge the casino receives after your bet.

How Does it Work?

Consider a slot with 96% RTP. When you settle for this slot, you are set to receive 96% of your money in the long run. With the house edge at 4% and RTP at 96%, it'll mean $0.96 of each $1.00 accredited through the machine will be returned to you and $0.04 will be left in the casino machine as their profit gain.

Using RTP is advisable when planning on playing for the long term or when you're after that slim gain. This could mean having several thousands of spins (getting nothing or a lot of money in the process) but in the end, the amount you receive levels up to around 96%.

When considering realism, not everyone can stick around for a long period of time for their monetary gain and especially if they're not having some luck. Consequently, it leads to the second metric option, volatility.

What is Volatility?


In simple terms, this is the measure of risks. Volatility determines how risky your slot game is going to be after placing your bet. Slots range from low, medium to high volatility and you're at liberty to choose what works for you.

  • A game with low volatility has fewer risks which means smaller prices awarded. Furthermore, they occur more often and can be easily predictable.
  • High volatile games equal higher risks amounting to rare chances of winning and is often minimal. On the bright side, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Losing an initial bet can progressively lead to a bigger win. You just need the heart to go on.
  • To the medium volatile games, it covers both ends of the extreme slots. This means frequent bigger wins than the normal low volatility slot and less risk compared to the high volatility slot.

RTP and Volatility Summation

Depending on your game choice or how you play, knowing your chances of winning or losing should be a priority, that is if you're not just playing for the fun of it. RTP is indeed important but if it's a long-term situation, choosing good volatility would save you a huge deal.

Learning how to choose a high RTP game coupled with a suitable volatility index is a God-sent skill. The mastery will present a fulfilling day either through small deposits or a jackpot in one hit.