Finding The Best Bitcoin Casino For You

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin were in their infancy just a few years ago, along with online casinos. However, there are now numerous gaming sites on the internet, and many of them accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. When looking for a new site to play games, it is important that you check to see if you are getting the best deal. Here are some of the ways that you can determine which is the best bitcoin casino and whether you can use your hard-earned bitcoins.

Finding a Casino


A simple check on your favorite search engine will no doubt display numerous casinos or sites that will happily take bitcoins as a form of payment. This list can be a little intimidating, as you won't be able to tell which will offer you the best deals. You can also check out the top 10 lists of which there are many, that will give you their best sites to explore.

Even though many of these sites will be well researched and offer good information, it is important that you also do your own checks. Although one site may be ideal for one player, doesn't mean it will be for you.

What Should You Look For at a Bitcoin Casino?

As you become more experienced using these sites, you will find what works the best for you. However, in the beginning, there are some pointers that will help you.

  • Deposit Bonuses - One way that bitcoin casinos get your attention is by offering deposit bonuses. This means when you deposit funds to the account, you will be given an additional sum by the site. It is important to note that this is a fixed amount (for example, 10% of the deposit amount) and you will need to use your deposited funds first.
  • Withdrawls - Even though you deposit money and gained the bonus funds, you won't be able to simply withdraw it from the casino and leave. There will often be a minimum amount that you need to win or bet before you can make a withdrawal.
  • Free Spins - Many sites give you free spins when you sign up. These will have an expiration date and have the same restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings.

Using Bitcoins


One of the best things about using bitcoins is that they are often easier to use than a bank account. Many banks block transactions to online gaming sites or you may incur fees. Because cryptocurrency doesn't have such restrictions, it is less frustrating.

Because cryptocurrency can be a volatile currency, it is always a good idea to check the rate before you use it in the casino. You don't want to be spending the coins when they are not worth much as you won't get the best return for your money.

Using BTC to play bitcoin casino games is arguably one of the best uses for the currency. There are no restrictions on its use, and often there will be no fees attached either. It is important, however, to always do your research before signing up.